Financials player guide

Definition: The wagering on the movement of the financial market using one of the different binary options type. With binary options there is only one of two outcomes. The player will win and get his payout amount or lose his wagered amount, hence why it is referred to as binary. In rare circumstances the bet may be considered a push, in which case the player will get their bet returned. The different types of binary options that we offer are:

  • Digital
  • Turbo
  • 5 Ticks
  • Touch
  • One Touch
  • Range

Digital (also known as High/Low and Up/Down)
The player’s goal is to determine whether the price of an asset will have risen or fallen at the pre-determined expiry time. In order for a player to wager using the digital option, they first need to select which asset class and then the specific asset they want to wager on. Asset Types are broken down into Stocks, Currencies, Commodities and Indices and the specific asset available are listed in each group.

Once the asset has been selected they need to determine what expiry time they wish to use and whether the asset while be higher or lower. The expiry time to place the wager is 5 min prior to the time selected. So players will have up to 5 minutes prior the expiry time chosen to place their bet.

If a player selects that the amount will be higher than its current amount it’s known as a 'CALL' bet, if he selects the lower amount it’s a 'PUT' bet. The player then decides on his wager amount, the odds are predetermined depending on the asset. Their potential return is then displayed. A player can also in certain cases change the Payout percentage to get back a small percentage in the event of a loss.

This is a derivate of Digital. The only difference is that a player will be able to select the expiry period at 1 minute, 2 minute and 5 minute intervals. In some instance there are 15s and 30s options.

5 Ticks
Another derivate of digital. The expiry rate isn’t a time, but instead the trade expires 5 ticks after the bet is placed. A tick refers to a change in the price. So if after 5 price changes the overall price is lower than the “Our rate” section, the “PUT” bet will win. The graph below displays two price changes (ticks).

Instead of wagering whether the asset will go up or down, the player must determine if the asset will reach a particular amount before the expiry time. If they select the “Touch Up” option, they are betting that it will “Touch” the amount displayed on the green button prior to expiry. And the reverse if they select “Touch down”. If the asset reaches the wagered amount at any stage during the open trade ie prior to the expiry time, the player will win and the trade will close. Players have the choice in the example below to determine if the EUR/USD will either reach 1.18276 or 1.18428 prior to the expiry period.

One Touch
A variation of the touch option, the difference is the player must determine if the asset will or won’t reach a pre-determined amount prior to expiry. In the example below, the current market price is 112.492. The player can now wager on whether the asset USD/JPY will on won’t reach 112.535 prior to the expiry period.

As with touch, the direction of the asset is not what they bet on. The player bets on whether the asset will end in a particular pre-determined range, or not. The highlighted area in below would be the out of the range option. Should the player select the “Ends in” option, they will win if the asset ends between 1.18220 or 1.18560. If the player selects “Ends out” they are betting that the asset will end outside of the range.

Viewing trades

A player can view active trades in the "Open Trades" section. When the expiry time is reached the trade details will move to the “Closed trades” section. In order to view a closed trade, the player needs to search for it, by entering a “From” date that goes to at least one day prior to the trade. The “To” date entry will be auto filled with the current date, however, if a player wishes to filter their search further they can change it. They can also filter closed trades further according to asset type.

Terms and conditions for Financial wagering:

  • Each player is limited to $200 in open trades at any one time. Further restrictions may apply to individual accounts if deemed necessary by management.
  • Accounts created to circumvent our trade limits will be closed and winnings from trades made with the duplicate account may be removed at management’s discretion.
  • Any trades not completed due to technical errors will be considered null and void, and the original bet will be returned to the player’s account.
  • Any trades placed are final. It’s the player’s responsibility to check the parameters of the trade prior to placing the bet.
  • Market indicators are taken at the moment of the trade is confirmed, and the strike rate / expiry rate determined by the system is final.
  • Management reserves the right to change the pay out percentages at any time. If the pay out percentage changes while there are active trades, the changes will not affect the active trades.
  • Management reserves the right to add or remove bet types and assets at any time without any prior notification. Any active trades at the time of removing a bet type / investment will be unaffected by any changes.